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Top 5 Tips for Hiking in the Smokies

Hiking in the Smokies We have hundreds of attractions in East Tennessee – from Sevier County and Knox County to Cocke County and Blount County, it would take years to see all there is to see and do here – but for all the many awesome things we have to do, nothing in the Smoky

Waterfall Hikes In the Smokies

Smoky Mountain Waterfalls Spring keeps on getting better and better in the Smokies. More and more of the thoroughly abundant life and lush, thriving ecosystem comes alive with each passing hour – radiant emerald greens and soft, excruciately adorable pastel-colored plants reveal themselves to the world at large and our flashing cameras while the temperatures

Smoky Mountain Wine Weekend

Who Likes WINE? 9,000 years ago, some genius in the Middle East discovered that crushing fermented grapes into liquid could make one of the finest, most widely appreciated beverages on Earth. This information got to the Phoenicians and the Estruscans who thereby began building vineyards throughout the Mediterranean, setting the foundation for wine to exist

New Grand Marshal For Spring Parade

WOW – we didn’t see this coming and we’re not sure if anyone did, but this Spring there will be a brand new grand marshal for the annual May parade in Pigeon Forge as well as a new name for the event. It will be called “Music in the Mountains Spring Parade” and the new

Special Valentine Ideas in the Smokies

It’s practically common knowledge by now that the Smokies are an area more than fit for romance; as evidenced by the large wedding and hospitality industries we have here, and while the idea of our gorgeous mountain environments saturated with crisp, cool air and surrounded with white-tipped or fully snowed over ridges in the distance

Pancake Houses in the Smoky Mountains

Breakfast is often the most skipped meal for people in the United States, and besides what that says about our nutritional health, it’s also rather sad in the philosophical sense as breakfast contains some of the best things mankind ever committed to cuisine. Thankfully, the chances to get reacquainted with breakfast are far better in

The Advantages of Booking Early

It shouldn’t be news that the best way of getting things done is often to do them early, but we sometimes treat it that way. Life goes on as it does and often we end up either casually going with the flow and arriving at our event, goal or destination at the same time everyone