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The Island Pigeon Forge is one of the newest, and certainly one of the coolest, attractions in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  While The Island is an wonderful place to stay, eat, and play—no, you really never have to leave once you park—we thought we’d narrow down some of our favorite activities on the property on our favorite night of the year—New Year’s Eve.  Most of these suggestions aren’t exclusive to New Year’s though, so consider this list a good start in planning your Island itinerary the next time you visit Pigeon Forge.

Ride the Wheel

If there’s one absolute must before you leave Pigeon Forge, it’s to ride the wheel at The Island.  This over-sized Ferris wheel features enclosed seating and beautiful views of the Smokies.  It rivals the great Eye of England wheel.  Want to do something extra special for New Year’s?  You can rent a wheel carriage that is tinted black for complete privacy as you go round and round… add a great bottle of champagne and you’ll soon be hailed as oh-so-creative, and perhaps the World’s Best Date for New Year’s Eve.

Watch the fireworks and fountain from your balcony at The Margaritaville Island Hotel

Yes, there will be fireworks visible from The Island if previous New Years’ are any indication of the one coming up.  Consider renting a room at Margaritaville and watching that amazing light show from your balcony while the great music plays from the Fountain and Dancing Waters below.  It’s romantic, beautiful, and something that your significant other won’t soon forget.

While you’re at Margaritaville, be sure to put your frozen concoction maker to work (–you’ll find it in your room…) and stoke up the fireplace (–yes, every room has one…) for the perfect end to a great year.

Snack away at Pomme Frite’s

Tucked away in a corner of the Island behind Dick’s and not far from Cinnabon, you’ll find some great German food at Pomme Frite’s.  It’s your choice of amazing brats and sausages on the best rolls in town, and they go amazingly well with that big cone of fries you’ll want to buy on the side.  Take your snack (ok, it’s a meal) to sit outside and enjoy some people-watching on New Year’s Eve.  You won’t be sorry, and the cold, crisp air of the Smokies makes the meal all the more enjoyable.

Oh, there are about a million dipping sauces for your dinner at Frite’s—try two or three.  I haven’t found a bad one of those yet.

Sample the best moonshine in the Smokies (and the easiest to score) at Ol’ Smoky’s

Have I mentioned how much I love Ol’ Smoky’s Moonshine?  I don’t really drink moonshine, but I have sampled it, and I’ll admit that I get why people love this stuff.  (Cinnamon rocks, and Coconut might be my second pick of those I’ve tried.)  So, bring your ID, and try some for yourself—it’s served in little, tiny shot glasses, and the hostess will pour several flavors of your choice to sample.

Then, wander about a bit and look for something great to take home that’s not moonshine.  There are amazing jars of stuff that tastes good everywhere at Ol’ Smoky’s– from Moonshine Green Beans to Chow Chow and jellies.  The tee shirts, hats, and other items at OSM are also pretty cool.  My favorite bag ever came from Ol’ Smoky’s on the Island.  Whoever designs their stuff rocks, too.  Oh, and the tags on most items are stickers.  Save them for your kiddos.

Listen to music at Margaritaville

Being a Jimmy Buffet fan, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include dinner at Margaritaville on this list.  Make reservations if they’ll let you, because New Year’s Eve will be a heck of a night.  During the warmer months at Margaritaville, you can eat on the patio near the river and enjoy great local bands like The Sunburned Willies.  During the winter, they bring the music inside, next to the bar, where you’re sure to be entertained with great music by some serious local talent.  Order a margarita and a Cheeseburger in Paradise.  It’s the right thing to do.

What’s your favorite thing to do on The Island in Pigeon Forge?  Let us know what you’d add to the list.  If you’re looking for something to do this New Year’s Eve—or any other day of the year–remember, Smoky Mountain Things to Do is ultimate resource for information about everything cool and exciting in the Smoky Mountains!



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