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Trolley Services in the Smokies

One perennial downside to vacationing is that, unless you frequent the area you’re vacationing to quite a bit, you can often get lost looking for where you’re trying to go to and get caught up in traffic along the way. Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and much of Sevierville is pretty straight forward for the most part compared to many other travel destinations, but it can still be difficult to find where you’re supposed to go amidst traffic during the tourist seasons. Additionally, many people, once they’ve made the cross-country journey to get here, aren’t exactly rushing back to get to the driver’s seat after finally arriving and want to be able to get around in better comfort.

  • Surely there must be a convenient way to get around this?

Of course, there is, both Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg provide city trolley services for all locals and visitors in the area. For just a few quarters per person, you and your group can get around the main downtown streets and some of the major backroads where restaurants, attractions, grocery stores and meeting centers are. There are dozens of trolley stops in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg along the parkways, Highway 321 in Gatlinburg, Wears Valley Road, Teaster Lane, The Spur and some others. Almost every center you can reasonably expect to be regularly populated will have a trolley stop as well as areas along the streets that are convenient to several items of interest.

The central hubs of the trolleys are Patriot Park for Pigeon Forge, Ripley’s Aquarium for Gatlinburg and the Gatlinburg Welcome Center on the Spur where you can connect one from the other. The trolleys themselves are large, comfortable buses where you can sit or stand and enjoy the air conditioning on hot days or the heat on cold days. You can request a stop at the next designated stop by pulling a cord and get information on upcoming stops via the electronic board at the front of the bus and audio on the speakers.

“Main Street trolleys run every 20 to 25 minutes. Wears Valley Trolleys run every 40 to 45 minutes. Dollywood trolleys run every 15 to 20 minutes. Dollys’ Splash Country trolleys run every 15 to 20 minutes. Gatlinburg Welcome Center trolleys run every 25 to 30 minutes. These times may vary due to traffic flow during peak tourism days, car shows and holiday weekends.

North Parkway – 

The North Parkway Trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels north through Pigeon Forge and continues on into a portion of Sevierville. After traveling north to the Governor’s Crossing & Wal-Mart areas, it turns south again and returns to Patriot Park.

South Parkway –

The South Parkway Trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels north to traffic light #6 then turns westbound onto Pine Mountain Road. The trolley goes as far as the Mainstay Suites before returning to the Parkway. This trolley then travels to the south city limits serving campgrounds in the area and the Dixie Stampede before returning to Patriot Park.

Gatlinburg Welcome Center –

This trolley leaves from Patriot Park and travels non-stop to the Gatlinburg Welcome Center on the spur just outside of Gatlinburg and then returns to Patriot Park. The hours of operation for this trolley are subject to the schedule of the city of Gatlinburg’s trolleys. *This Trolley cost: $.75

Dollywood Trolley –

Dollywood Trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels to and from Dollywood continuously. The Trolley runs thirty minutes before Dollywood opens and in the evening until everyone is returned to Patriot Park.

Dolly’s Splash Country – 

Splash Country Trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels to Splash Country and returns to Patriot Park.

Wears Valley

The Wears Valley trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels north on Teaster Lane through the Pigeon River Crossings Mall/Riverview Mall area to traffic light #2 on the parkway. From light #2 the trolley proceeds to Community Center Drive, Sand Pike Blvd. and then onto Wears Valley Road where it services area campgrounds and other businesses as it continues westbound to the Pigeon Forge city limits before returning to Patriot Park by the same route.”

This should give you quite a lot of useful info on the Sevier County Trolley systems. Don’t forget to come back during Winterfest where Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have their Trolley Tour of Lights going on! 

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