Smoky Mountain Wine Weekend

Who Likes WINE?

9,000 years ago, some genius in the Middle East discovered that crushing fermented grapes into liquid could make one of the finest, most widely appreciated beverages on Earth. This information got to the Phoenicians and the Estruscans who thereby began building vineyards throughout the Mediterranean, setting the foundation for wine to exist in our world and become a fixture of many cultures up to today. Rome, Greece, France, Spain, Germany and so many points in history show wine to be so ubiquitous that we could legitimately wonder what history would be like if that genius hadn’t discovered it?

This question can be pondered later, for today we’d like you to concentrate your wine interests on the fact that the Smoky Mountain Wine Weekend is returning to Gatlinburg on April 13th and 14th!

The Smoky Mountain Wine Weekend is a dream come true for wine connoisseurs, fans, casuals and all those in-between. This event is a two-part wine extravaganza: a Gatlinburg Wine Tour that begins on April 13th and tours participants through the best in wine that our area has to offer. The second part is the event most are familiar with – the Gatlinburg Smoky Mountain Wine Fest held at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts the following day on April 14th.

From the website:

“Sanctioned by the Tennessee Farm Wine Growers Alliance, this popular wine festival will feature samplings from 16 wineries from across Tennessee, delicious food pairings from the best restaurants in the Smoky Mountains, and a souvenir wine glass for all those who purchase tickets.

Guests at Smoky Mountain Wine Fest will have the opportunity to sample wine from all over the state of Tennessee.

2018 vendors include:

  • Amber Falls Winery
  • Apple Barn Winery
  • Beans Creek Winery
  • Cades Cove Cellars
  • Goodwater Winery & Vineyards
  • Grinder’s Switch Winery
  • Hillside Winery
  • Keg Springs Winery
  • Mill Bridge Winery
  • Mountain Valley Winery
  • Natchez Hills Winery
  • Paris Winery
  • Sugarland Cellars
  • Sumner Crest Winery
  • Tennessee Homemade Wines
  • Wyile Cider”


Still want more from the local grapevines? Check out the Rocky Top Wine Trail where you can visit 5 local wineries, as well as the Doc Collier Moonshine distillery for more red and white goodness!

From the website:

“The Rocky Top Wine Trail offers over 70 unique wines to try, which makes it a great option for those looking to make a day (or two) of wine tasting!  The trail is 100% free to do. You simply start at any of the following wineries/distilleries where you can pick up a passport and then present your passport at each location to receive a stamp. Once you have visited three locations you will receive a free gift, and if you finish the trail and visit all six locations you will receive another free gift!

Free wine tastings are offered at every location and free tours of the wine cellars and tank rooms are given from 12-5pm at Mountain Valley Winery, Sugarland Cellars, and Hillside Winery.

Each separately owned winery has its own unique style and feel, but every one of them has friendly staff eager to help you explore the world of wine! All five wineries are open 7 days a week and are closed only on Christmas Day.”

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