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Shaconage Place of the Blue Smoke

 …Is now the place of the Blue Flame

Where there is Smoke There is Fire, As many of you know Smoky Mountain Things To Do presents some great information on where to go, what to do, and were to stay in the Smokies. We accomplish this by working with some amazing people. The Brit and the Babe, are two of our more colorful explorers who help us map out adventures for you, the visitor.

Recently The Babe contacted me regarding an outing with the Brit, I think you will enjoy the adventure.

The Babe:

The Brit was in town on business and I had a couple of hours of free time, so we decided to meet up at the Island for lunch and some limited moonshining.   I wanted to try to the Blue Flame samples offered by Ole Smoky’s Barn during October for a small donation to a local clinic I support, Mountain Hope Good Shepherd of Sevierville—they offer medical and dental care to those who live and work in Sevier County but don’t have insurance.  In a tourist town, it seems, that’s almost everybody.  A lot of my friends depend on the Clinic.  They do a lot of good.

For a man that can find anything, the Brit ended up hopelessly lost at a shopping center behind the Island. (He swore he turned left on Island Drive, which puts one directly on the Island…)  I found him in his SUV and promptly put him through the torture of trying to park on the Island during the National Quartet Convention.  Needless to say, there was no on-Island parking.  We ended up, thankfully, in the larger lot between the Island and the Convention Center, close enough to walk in.

 Blue Flame Moonshine can be found at Ole Smoky Moonshine at the Island

It took all of three minutes for the Brit to size up the Island and announce, “This is really cool.  I’ve never been here.  Is there someplace we can get lunch?”

“Yes, all kinds of options for lunch. You’re in Sevier County all the time.  You’ve never been to the Island?”  Well, wow.  Who hasn’t been to the Island?

“No.  This is great.  I love this.”  The Brit was in awe.  I’ll admit–it is pretty great—and I’ll go into more detail another time, perhaps, about all the great things to do on the Island.  I spend a lot of time there.  It was a little hard to believe he’d never been… but our goal today was Blue Flame.  

Blue Flame is the most potent moonshine sold by Ole Smoky, and the bartenders like to say things to those sampling like, “Put your money where your mouth is.”  In fact, it’s the only moonshine you can’t sample for free at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Barn at the Island during the month of October.

We saddled up the bar and were asked what we wanted to try.  Thoroughly ID’d, we asked for Blue Flame.  

You have to realize that between the two of us, we’ve sampled a good deal of moonshine.  It takes a little something extra to get the Brit excited.  He downed his shot and declared it the best moonshine he’d tasted thus far on our moonshine-reviewing adventures.  That’s a big deal.

“Really?” I asked—a little surprised by his declaration– and then I downed mine.  Dang, it burned, but he was right.  Blue Flame was definitely worth the $5 bill I handed the bartender to pass off to Mountain Hope.

Then the Brit went a step further, “I’ve got to have a jar.”  Really?  I’ve been to multiple distilleries with this guy.  While he’s always sure to tip well, I have never seen him leave with a jar of moonshine.  Never.  “Yes, and I’ll buy you one, too.”  Well, then, he is always a gentleman.

We left the Barn with Blue Flame and Chocolate Moonshine Cherries. (Oh. My. Yum.)  The Brit was delighted and I have to admit I enjoyed the experience as much for seeing him truly enjoying the moonshine as for the fun of the review itself.

Get to the Island before the end of the month and take some cash to donate to Mountain Hope.  You’ll be glad you did—Blue Flame alone is worth it—and, by default, you’ll be doing some good for the people that make this stellar tourist destination run.  

Shine on… and put your money where your mouth is.

The Brit:

It burns, it BURNS! Then I bought a jar of it and went home happy. The end.

Wow. Talk about a kick.

Ten minutes earlier I was doing what I hate, shopping at a large outlet mall for a pair of ridiculously overpriced sunglasses. Then the phone rang, and it was the Babe. Well, yes, of course I would like to try some moonshine at 11:45 in the morning. How delightful.

By this point, after many shots of moonshine (all for the purpose of review, not because I need it to fuel my existence), I’ll admit I thought there was nothing left to try. I was wrong.

We met at the Ole Smoky’s Barn, a very nice upbeat location. I’ll be honest, at this point, all I could think of was food. I was hungry. I’ve been starving myself for my trip to England next week. It’s been 16 years since I was back home, I was much slimmer then. (There’s nothing like trying to reclaim a distant memory of a figure by drinking Slim Fast and eating grilled chicken salads for a month.)

I now understand that Blue Flame is the strongest moonshine commercially available. I’m not sure that the Babe told me that before I tried it. It wouldn’t have made any difference–I would have still tried it; I may, however, have prepared a little differently.

You know when you were a kid, and you watched the original batman on TV, the one with Adam West? When they were having those cheesy fight scenes (I swear Adam West punched a Shark in one episode), and the captions came up on the screen, Blam! Whack! Ka-boom!? That, my friends, was my internal dialogue when I downed a shot of Blue Flame. Yes, it burned, but it was the kind of burn that hurts a little, then the world becomes a better place.

I think the bartender may have tried to talk to us about other flavors, and I think, and this strange for me, I think he tried to pour more shots, but of a different variety, and I declined, as my focus was firmly with Blue Flame.

Much like Al Pacino in the 1992 classic Scent of a Woman, I closed my eyes and used my keen sense of smell to lead me to beautifully stacked and well presented Blue Flame Moonshine display. I elegantly glided over and a ray of light streamed from the back of the display. Yes, this. This, my friends, was meant to be. This was my destiny.

In reality, and according to the Babe, that’s not how it went down. I apparently grabbed her arm and was yelling, “I must have some, I need to buy this, find it, FIND IT FOR ME!!!!!!”

We found it, and for the first time in all these months of reviewing, I purchased some. I wasn’t even upset when the clerk swiped my card 5 times in succession due to the faulty card reader, likely incurring me with a $200 charge on my debit card.

I took home my Blue Flame and placed it in my Wine Cabinet.

“What’s that?” my teenage son asked.

“That, my child, well, that’s Daddy’s new happy place.”